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Alba Landscapes can bring your landscape design vision to life!

Full Design Services

Starting from discussion about how you'd like to use your area, we can design your business landscape to fit your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Landscaping project discussion.JPG
Landscaping project discussion.JPG

We can supply any type of trees

If you are looking for a full service landscaping contractor in Maldives, look no further than Alba Landscapes. We can complete the project where ever it is in the Maldives by supplying any type of trees you require. 

Maintenance Service

A manicured and inviting landscape is what lures customers, tourists and tenants to your property. Intricately designed, lush greenery and plant life will show you that you care about creating a pleasant environment. We are experts in landscaping maintenance services. You can trust us for exceptional care and landscape design services. 

Landscaping project discussion.JPG
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